Clickit Sport FAQ

Can small dogs less than 18 pounds use Clickit Sport?
A small dog less than 17-18 pounds tends to have more fragile bone structure, so might be better protected in a carrier in the event of a collision. Check out Sleepypod’s crash tested carriers here. 


Do I size up or size down when the measurement is between sizes?
For dogs that are not yet fully grown and within 1 inch of the highest setting, consider sizing up. Make sure the harness fits tightly before using. If your dog is full grown, consider sizing down. The fit should be tight, not loose, and fit only three fingers laid flat under the buckles once adjusted correctly.


Can dogs more than 90 pounds use Clickit Sport?
Sizing is based on measurement rather than weight, however, crash testing and certification for the Clickit Sport is for dogs 90 pounds and under. 


Can my dog use a booster seat with Clickit Sport?
There are many styles and variables so Sleepypod cannot confidently recommend the use of its safety harnesses in combination with another brand’s booster seat without further testing.


How do I wash the harness?

Wipe down the front of the vest with a damp cloth. Mild detergent can be used, if needed. Test detergent in an inconspicuous spot to ensure color fastness. Hang to dry. Do not submerge. 


Do I need any additional accessories?
Clickit Sport requires only a three-point seat belt in the rear seat of your vehicle. The seat belt should be a three-point seat belt with both lap and shoulder straps. Additional accessories, like S-Clip and Buckle Shield, are great additions to any trip but are not required.


Can my dog use Clickit Sport in the front seat?
Sleepypod recommends buckling your dog into the rear seat, just as you would a child under 95 pounds, to better ensure safety. 


Can Clickit Sport be used in the cargo area?
Sleepypod cannot confidently recommend using Clickit Sport to restrain your pet in the cargo area due to the number of variables. Please be advised that use in the cargo area might reduce safety. 


What materials are used?
Clickit Sport is made of ballistic nylon on the front and neoprene padding on the interior. Straps are made of seat belt grade material. Components are stress-tested plastic and metal.

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