Clickit Terrain ( Harness only )


High Performance for High Performing Dogs

A high performance car safety harness for high performing dogs that combines Sleepypod's award-winning travel safety technology with enhanced safety, comfort, and control features for everyday use.

Certified by the Center for Pet Safety for dogs from 18 to 110 pounds.

*Please note: Due to the unique body types of breeds like Greyhounds, Whippets, Salukis, Afghan Hounds, and Borzoi, this harness might not offer the proper fit. Email Sleepypod at for more information.


  • Heavy duty and easy to use without sacrificing safety. Shock absorbing sleeves work with a broad padded vest and Sleepypods patented Infinity Loop design for performance and safety in the car or when used for other outdoor activities like walking or hiking.
  • Designed with working and service dogs in mind, but equally comfortable for the family dog.
  • Clickit Terrain was rigorously tested to include the same dynamic crash testing that ensures the performance of child safety restraints.
  • Reflective patches on the rear can be interchanged with service patches for working dogs.
  • Clickit Terrain can be augmented with Terrain Pack, S-Clip or Buckle Shield accessories


  • Strength tested for use as a walking harness
  • Crash tested for use as a car seat belt
  • Broad, cushioned, energy absorbing vest for safer travel
  • Shock absorbing sleeves
  • Double "D" ring connection for leash
  • Quick connection and release
  • Reflective patches and logo for added visibility at night
  • Removable velcro patches can be switched out for service or personalized patches
  • Four connection loops for Terrain Pack compatibility
  • Luggage grade exterior vest
  • Extra padding for all-day comfort
  • Seat belt grade straps with anti-slip grip
  • Adjustable straps for customized fit
  • Removable elastic bands to keep excess strap tidy
  • Four sizes address a broad range of dog shapes and sizes


How to Use

  • Acclimate Your Pet to Its New Safety Harness

Safety (learn more)

  • How can crash test pets keep humans safer when riding in cars?
  • Clickit Terrain crash test at U.S. Child Safety Seat Standard FMVSS 213
  • Clickit Terrain crash test at Canada Child Safety Seat Standard CMVSS 213
  • Clickit Terrain crash test at European Union Child Safety Seat Standard ECE R44

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