Comfort Suede Dog Collar


Soft Touch for Sensitive Creatures

Dogs with short hair and collar sensitivities will benefit from this super soft ultra-suede collar that helps to reduce loss of hair at the collar line. Includes detachable identification tag holder.

Beauty in Strength

Brilliant colored ultra-suede is durable yet lightweight so it won't weigh your pet down. Ultra-smooth side release buckle. Everyday is extraordinary.


  • Super soft ultra-suede
  • Ultra-smooth side release buckle
  • Heavy-duty yet lightweight
  • Robust stitching withstands daily use
  • Includes detachable identification tag holder
  • Hand wash in cold water, hang dry


Allow sufficient room to fit two fingers between the collar and your dogƒ€™s neck.?ÿ


?ÿSize Width Neck
X-Small 3/4ƒ€� (20mm) 7.5ƒ€� (19cm)-10ƒ€� (25cm)
Small 3/4ƒ€� (20mm) 10ƒ€� (25cm)-14ƒ€� (36cm)
Medium 3/4ƒ€� (20mm) 14ƒ€� (36cm)-21.5ƒ€� (55cm)