Locking Martingale Collar


Walk Better

Innovative collar design cinches to provide the gentle security and control of a martingale collar yet can be securely fastened for off-leash use so there's no need to swap for an everyday collar. Includes detachable i.d. tag holder.


  • Small narrow - width: 14 mm, length: 11" (28 cm) - 15" (38 cm)
  • Small wide - width: 19 mm, length: 11" (28 cm) - 15" (38 cm)
  • Medium - width: 19 mm, length: 15" (38 cm) - 20" (50 cm)
  • Large - width: 25 mm, length: 20" (50 cm) -28" (71 cm)

Beauty in Strength

Vibrant colored yarn is individually dyed then woven together to craft the high-density webbing's unique luster and colorways. The beauty is in the strength, however. Custom textiles and hardware are individually then collectively strength tested to ensure a safer product. High-grade hardware and Chromaweave high-density webbing provide unmatched strength to weight ratio. Durable yet lightweight so it won't weigh your pet down. Robust stitching withstands daily use. Every day is extraordinary.


  • Use as a martingale collar for gentle control or as an everyday collar
  • Prevents dog from backing out of collar when in martingale mode
  • Chromaweave high-density webbing
  • High contrast woven colorways
  • High performance hardware
  • High tensile strength yet lightweight
  • Robust stitching withstands daily use
  • Includes detachable identification tag holder
  • Machine wash inside a mesh bag in cold water, hang dry


Allow sufficient room to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog's neck.

Size Width Neck
Small 1/2" (14mm) 11" (28cm)-15" (38cm)
Small (Wide) 3/4" (19mm) 11" (28cm)-15" (38cm)
Medium 3/4" (19mm) 15" (38cm)-20" (50cm)
Large 1" (25mm) 20" (50cm)-28" (71cm)

How to Use

  • Locking Martingale Instructional Video

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